Monthly Archives: December 2010

A Labrador Holiday in Telluride

Well, according to the snow report, we haven’t had much snow.  But if I schedule a photo session, you can count on the weather abruptly changing!  It was sunny the morning of this shoot, and was snowing by the afternoon.  Although this presented some challenges, as I was already photographing light colored dogs on snow, […]

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We interrupt Winter in Telluride….

For a little bit of California fun!  I’m a bit delayed in getting these pups on the blog, and hope that Keli forgives me!  We did this session with Keli’s seven dogs on her property in the foothills of San Jose, California.  Yes, I said seven!  Five flat-coated retrievers, and two standard long-haired dachshunds. Talk […]

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Telluride has tons of puppies….

That you can count on.  We have seasons for puppies, one person gets one, and then the rest of Telluride is filled with puppies. Especially Lab puppies!   Kaiser is 7 months old and I wish I had the chance to shoot him when he was younger.  He is so full of it, I can’t […]

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