The last of the leaves

Sadly, many of my fall dog photography sessions in Telluride were with tourists, and we were rained out for most of them.  River’s session was flexible even though her owner lives about 6 hours away, but Telluride weather never seems to cooperate, and although we thought we were going to have a sunny day, it was extremely overcast.  I haven’t been good about keeping the blog up to date, but River (yes, another Flat-Coated Retriever), deserves a mention.  She was the opposite of what I expected, especially since I had met her before….I am pretty sure her mom wore her out on a hike earlier in the day (even when I told her specifically NOT to wear her out!), and River decided this day was the day to pretend she was totally deaf.   😉  So, what I expected would be easy turned into one of my hardest sessions I have ever had.  Regardless, I think there were some beautiful photos, with stunning colors and a lovely black dog.   Meet River, all the way from from Colorado Springs!

 She has a very pretty natural stack.  After staring at the sky and waiting for the big, dark cloud to move so that the sun could shine, we gave up and let River head to the water and kick up her heels.    She didn’t mind the lack of sun one bit!
Miraculously, while River was busy playing, the sun broke through for a few brief moments!  River chose this moment to blatantly ignore her owner’s calls, ignore me throwing rocks and making any animal noise I could think of, and basically pretended neither of us existed.
“The sun is shining?  Who cares, there might be fish down here!”
I was shocked and surprised to find wildflowers among the changing leaves  – a rare sight in October!

She’s good at stalking….

We finally gave up altogether on the sun, and took the gondola to the top of the mountain to check out the views.

River posing with the Telluride Airport behind her (top right).   Believe me, it isn’t for the faint of heart.  :)
Enjoying the view….just like we were.Suddenly, she was full of sass, even in the thin air at 10,000 feet! A little wide angle view ….Thank you Honey for bringing River for a session, she is an absolute sweetie, and I think we made the best of the afternoon despite all of our obstacles!  So glad you enjoyed your time here (and I know River did)!  Give her a cookie from me and hope to see you both again soon.  Willa misses her new best girlfriend.  :)

Carolyn Beautiful photos. Both the dog and the scenery.

Don F If you hadn’t mentioned that conditions weren’t right, we never would have noticed. This is a great bunch of photos of a really photogenic River. As always, I love water-frolic-pics, but the beauty shots are spectacular as well.

Toni Freeman The fall colors are absolutely gorgeous, as is your Flatcoat subject. You are so good at capturing the expression and personality of our solid black beauties!

Krista Kersh In spite of what you describe as less than perfect conditions, these photos of River are positively lovely! As usual, a beautiful photo shoot of a beautiful girl. Love that River girl ❤

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