Beeg! ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

Interestingly,  everyone assumes winter sessions aren’t as good as summer sessions or fall sessions.  I suppose of course, that it depends if your dog likes the snow.  I personally love the contrast of blue sky and snow, with textures of pines trees, aspens if we shoot in the woods, or the reflection of dogs and nature in the frozen river if we shoot in town.   I have a lot of people say they want a winter session, and then never book one.  In my opinion it’s worth it if you love the mountains.  If your dog is a snow dog.  If you want those memories.  Beeg LOVES snow, she will just run ahead and plop down in a pile of fresh powder and wait for you.  Pounce on invisible creatures under the snow.   Hanging out with a dog that loves snow just makes you happy.

I am sure everyone is thinking that must be the weirdest name EVER.   Beeg is a nickname for her real name, Baby Girl….shortened to B.G…..which then became Beeg.  All I can say is that I don’t know any other dog with the same name, and that is a GOOD thing!   She was a rescue, and went through some phases of shyness, oh…somewhat inappropriate behavior, lets say….but is now a fabulous and charming dog with a happy expression, mellow attitude, but a fondness of chasing snowballs.  Meet Beeg!

I photographed Beeg at the end of the day, and noticed we were losing the sun quite quickly behind some clouds, so worked fast to get some blue sky action photos.  She happily obliged.

…AND I can run that way, too!
And I can catch snowballs for you!
I am never happy to lose blue sky.  But I couldn’t complain about the diffused light of the sun setting behind the clouds, turning everything shades of blue and gold.

Abrupt stop!!!  Check out the snow spray to the left of her.  :)Beeg is pretty mellow but Lauren was throwing snowballs at her…which she LOVED.
I think her fabulous tail is the best thing about her….but her ears are a close second.

Thanks Lauren for letting me photograph your baby girl.  Glad we had such a gorgeous day, I hope we see you on the trails soon!  And for everyone thinking of a winter session…do it soon.  I have limited sessions left until the mountain closes, and then I won’t pick up my camera again til June.  Plus…the conditions are fantastic this year!  To view more winter sessions, simply go to the home page, click on “categories” and then “winter”.

Carolyn These are beautiful. She is so pretty as is the scenery.

Don Fantastic session. She has a wonderfully intense expression, especially when catching projectiles…my favorite shots, BTW.

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