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The last of the leaves

Sadly, many of my fall dog photography sessions in Telluride were with tourists, and we were rained out for most of them.  River’s session was flexible even though her owner lives about 6 hours away, but Telluride weather never seems to cooperate, and although we thought we were going to have a sunny day, it was extremely […]

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Clipper and Eilin ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

I just LOVE shooting Flatcoats!  Okay, call me biased.  I do get attached to all my clients by the end of the sessions, but Clipper and Eilin belong to my good friend and hunting partner, so when he said he was coming out to Telluride so that I could photograph his dogs, I was very excited! […]

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Telluride dog photography – in canvas!

Summer is almost here!  I’m already getting bookings for June, so please don’t wait until the last minute to book a summer session since I am unavailable for some of June and July.  Early summer is SO gorgeous with a much smaller chance of afternoon rain.  In the meantime, I couldn’t help but share some […]

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More of my Telluride dog – sorry folks!

Well, this is not what I had planned at all.  But due to some severe dental issues, I had to cancel all of my sessions that I had scheduled in June.  We tried to reschedule, but I had complications after my complications, so….it was just a no-go.   Can I tell you how much I […]

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Here’s my boy!

Well, it’s about time, some people might say.  I’ve been reluctant to do it.   It seemed….wrong…for some reason….to post about my own dog.  But almost every client who isn’t local asks why they didn’t see any information or photos about him on my webpage.  Then when I looked at other pet photographer websites, I […]

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