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The Picabo Photobomb!

While shooting Finn at the river, we had very few interruptions.  I had just put my equipment away when an interloper arrived through the bushes…..Picabo!  If you don’t know Picabo, she was on my facebook page when she was just an itty bitty thing….. Maybe not THAT small, I guess!  But for a Bernese/Saint cross, […]

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Summer has arrived in Telluride!

Well, it isn’t officially summer, but it sure feels like it, and with the green appearing more and more every day, I wanted to post a quick reminder to book your session soon!  I have limited availability this summer, and if you are thinking about booking a shoot, I don’t want you to be disappointed. […]

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The newest addition to Telluride’s dog pack

I have no idea why, but despite my prodding, Molly’s owner wanted to wait until she was older to have a photo session.  To be honest, it drove me crazy, because she was stinkin’ cute as a baby!  Here is an iphone shot of her in my store.   You can understand why I was […]

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Another Flatcoat puppy in Telluride!

Another Flatcoated Retriever puppy!  What are the odds?  I am beginning to feel as if I should be a Flatcoat photographer and not a Telluride dog photographer!  My friend in Denver sent his friend Mary and her new four month old puppy, officially Wingmaster’s Nitro Express, otherwise known as Nitro, down to Telluride for a photo […]

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More puppies to photograph in Telluride!

Well, technically not Telluride.  But when one of my customers from Mancos, whose plans to get a puppy sired by my dog Blue didn’t pan out, I referred her to the owner of Blue’s sister who was due to whelp quite soon.  What luck!   These things are meant to be.  I met Charlie at […]

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