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Beeg! ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

Interestingly,  everyone assumes winter sessions aren’t as good as summer sessions or fall sessions.  I suppose of course, that it depends if your dog likes the snow.  I personally love the contrast of blue sky and snow, with textures of pines trees, aspens if we shoot in the woods, or the reflection of dogs and […]

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Juno and Tug, in Newfie Heaven! ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

This post has been a long time coming…thanks for your patience Eliza and Ted!  The session itself was a long time coming as well.  We had countless issues with weather, and then when we finally did think it was the perfect day, it was sunny one minute, and dark clouds the next.  Then Juno, of […]

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Puppies Rule the Telluride River Trail!

One of the many reasons I have been behind on updating my blog entries is due to my new addition.   Don’t worry, Blue (at ten years old) is still king of the castle, but he has always loved puppies, and I didn’t want him to be too old to be able to enjoy having […]

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Telluride, Two Dogs, and Snow = A Great Photography session!

Tiffany and Jeff, you are the BEST for being so patient for this blog to be posted!  I’ve had a crazy few months and poor Walter and George have been neglected.  For those who follow the blog and think “Gosh those names sound familiar…” I did a session with the dogs several years ago in […]

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Telluride dog photography – in canvas!

Summer is almost here!  I’m already getting bookings for June, so please don’t wait until the last minute to book a summer session since I am unavailable for some of June and July.  Early summer is SO gorgeous with a much smaller chance of afternoon rain.  In the meantime, I couldn’t help but share some […]

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