Julia and Delilah ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

After the chaos of travel and then the holiday season at the store, we are going to jump straight from the deep greens of Clipper and Eilin’s summer session to the earthy tones of fall.  HUGE changes happen in such a short period of time!  Julia and Delilah are from California, but after a nose work camp in the Denver area, their mom decided to detour down to Telluride for (literally) half a day for a photo session.  I don’t think I have ever harassed anyone as much as I did Elisa for not staying in town more than 5 hours….there is just way too much to see and do!  The weather wasn’t 100% cooperative with me, but the dogs were naturals, so that more than made up for it.  Meet Julia, a nine year old Lab, and Delilah, a two year old terrier mix, who was quite the pistol.

You can tell Delilah is the boss….but Julia doesn’t seem to mind.  Here’s the sassy girl, wanting to follow in her big sister’s retrieving footsteps, but not so sure about that cold river water!


Loving her bumper from Mountain Tails.  
I have to say, I do think she likes to show off.  More of that later.  :)
Julia is quite the pretty girl.  Ask her to pose, and you will get ZERO results.  Let her do her own thing, and wowza!  Hello Beautiful!

You have to include a good shake shot….

She has Delilah’s puppy bumper here….and meanwhile Delilah was playing with Julia’s large size bumper.  Silly dogs….
She is a tad ball obsessed….
Here is the true nature of Delilah.  Terrier on springs.  I could have photographed her all day, she wanted to leap over anything that other dogs would have just run through, no encouragement necessary.  She made me laugh, and I love that she stole Julia’s big girl bumper for this first photo.
Leaving you with some images of true sisters….often I saw them mimicking exact body postures…again totally unposed.  As different as they are, they are very bonded.  Thanks Elisa for coming all the way down to Telluride, and I hope to see you again so you can actually enjoy the town!

Carolyn Great captures Jen. Love all of the 4 off the floor shots of Delilah. I also love the posturing shots of them together. Pretty amazing.

Don Some of the best action shots ever! I always love the water-shaking, but Delilah with her toy, a dog’s length off the ground is maybe the best.

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