It’s been a while!  I’ve been remiss at keeping the blog up to date, but I have to take the time to do a special entry….meet Oreo!  When Ethan, Oreo’s owner sees this post, it will be a complete surprise, and I hope a good one.  Ethan’s friend contacted me about photographing Oreo on her way back to Colorado Springs from California, ultimately deciding to detour to Telluride in order to get the photo session done while he was deployed.  Oreo is twelve years old and a cattle dog mixed with….who knows what!?  But she certainly doesn’t act like she is twelve, and was really fun to work with despite the weather not being entirely cooperative, and the river being a muddy mess.  Hello, Oreo!

Looking lovely with Ingram Falls in the distance….
And I’m just loving her ears in this shot on the bridge.  
We had to really explore to find some interesting places to photograph…I rely heavily on the river being clear and pretty, but we had very hot days with heavy snowmelt, so anything involving the river was not an option.  But who would have thought that dandelions gone to seed could be so pretty?
As you can see, Oreo still has PLENTY of spunk left at the age of twelve.  It’s just a number, after all!A close up for the pretty model!
And a super-duper close up.  You have to embrace the grey!  Look at those gorgeous eyes….
We took a little drive in search of some flowers….and struck gold!

Check out the look….I have PLENTY of these, by the way.  She was a bit silly and liked giving me goofy expressions.
Nothing like running through the mountains….
But a gal has to stop occasionally for a beauty shot.  :)
So regal!And, saving one of my favorite photos for last, Oreo sassing off.  Yep, we hear you!

I’m so glad the timing worked out to get this done – I think you were in town for all of four hours!  I’m also thankful that although it was cloudy most of the time, we didn’t have rain.  I hope you enjoyed your surprise, Ethan!  You certainly have a really amazing friend – and an amazing dog as well!  And no, I couldn’t help myself but to call her “Oreo-e-o….” over and over…it’s rather addictive.  😉

Kasey Carlisle Beautiful pictures of a sweet girl! Her funny personality is captured perfectly. Ethan, you are a lucky owner to have such a great dog!

Elisa Becker Wow! What a wonderful surprise. Ethan you are one lucky guy. I am sure you will treasure these amazing photos of your beautiful friend, Oreo, forever. I LOVE the picture of Oreo jumping for joy where her ears are straight up in the air. Enjoy!!

Don Freeman I don’t know whether I like the feet off the ground or the “talking” shots better. Either way, she certainly belongs in front of a camera. What a great session with a beautiful subject.

Otis’ mom She has such a sweet, soulful face! Love love the photo of her jumping with her ears flying too. Great photos, Jen, and an even better story about cute Oreo!

Carolyn These are beautiful even without a clear river. I love the spunky ones in the dandelion puffs! She looks like quite the character. And what a wonderful surprise.

Krista Kersh Oh, wow!!! Not only is Oreo the cutest girl ever but, these photos are really great!
I love that you captured this girl and her obvious personality but, also, the beauty of Telluride. I would love to meet Oreo :)

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