What happens if it rains or snows?

We reschedule.  Life at 9000 feet often requires some flexibility, and the weather forecasts are very commonly wrong.  I love shooting in snow, but I can’t shoot in rain.   Please don’t assume that if it is raining at 4pm that it will be raining at 6pm…..those of us that live here know the weather can turn in a matter of minutes.

Do you photograph animals other than dogs?

I’d love to!

Can I be in the photos?  Can my children be in the photos?

Yes, but keep in mind I am there to photograph your pet.  Although there are hopefully some candid moments captured between you and your dog, it makes my job very difficult if kids are hanging on the dog at all times, and ultimately it is a distraction.   Allowing a certain amount of time for family shots is certainly reasonable (and encouraged), but for the best results I request that children not be present for the entire session .

My dog doesn’t know how to sit or stay, he is crazy and has tons of energy, should I even bother?

Absolutely!  You’ll see from my portfolio that I love taking action shots.  I will admit that it helps if your dog has a good recall.  If he is too far away it will make things pretty difficult, even though I have a very long lens for just these occasions.  But otherwise, treats and toys will hopefully keep him interested.  Generally, the dogs with lots of energy are the most fun for me to shoot.  Make sure you bring his favorite toy to fetch or play with, and whatever you do, please don’t tire him out before the shoot!

How far will you travel?

Right now my work schedule really only permits me to shoot around the Telluride area.  That would include Telluride, Mountain Village, Ski Ranches (and surrounding communities), Trout Lake, and Down Valley.  In the summer, it is possible that I could shoot on the Mesa, for an additional fee and on certain days.  Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Why are your prints so expensive compared to when I print my own photos?

Put simply, it is because you are paying for outdoor custom photography.  I do not have the luxury of controlling my lighting conditions in a studio, in which case there would be minimal processing of the images.  Lighting changes constantly outdoors, and editing photos is time consuming.  It usually takes hours to pick the best ones, check focus, adjust white balance, clone out distracting objects in the background, adjust color….sound involved?  It is.  Rather than have clients question my pricing, I would rather be upfront about the amount of of time that goes into prepping for your shoot,  post processing work spent on your  images, time spent ordering your images, and reviewing them to make sure they are of the highest quality before presenting them to you.  Pricing of prints also includes extremely high quality printing by a professional lab, a service which is not available to the general public.  Your photographs are printed on archival photographic paper with a UV coating and are made to withstand decades without fading.  If you have further questions regarding the price of custom photography, I have an excellent website to refer you to, please feel free to ask.