The Process

Sessions take place outdoors.  Mid-day light is very harsh, and I schedule sessions in the evening hours just before sunset when the light is best.  Sessions are fun, casual, and based on what YOUR dog likes to do, or anything specific you would like to have captured.  If I feel I haven’t gotten images I am happy with, then we will schedule more time at no additional charge.  Since Telluride is an off-leash community, our choices are limitless as to where the shoot can take place, and I am happy to shoot in two separate locations in order to get a variety of images.  If you don’t have a favorite spot, I can certainly suggest some.  If you have a water loving dog, we can spend an hour playing in a meadow, and then hit the river trail to get some fun water shots.

After the session, I’ll carefully go through the images and select the very best, which then get edited — this is an involved process and includes subtle adjustments in color, getting rid of distracting elements (i.e. –  eye goobers, signs in the background, a person walking in the distance) and perhaps converting a few to black and white or sepia.  Two to three weeks after your session, I will post a sneak peak on the blog for you to view and share with friends.   Within a week or two after the blog entry, I will provide you with a private ordering gallery which will be available for a two week period.  During this time, I’m happy to go over images with you if you have trouble deciding. Examples of the different sizes of framed prints and canvases can be viewed at Mountain Tails and we can set up a time to meet at the store after hours.  Most clients have found this to be extremely helpful.

I may cancel a session if the weather decides not to cooperate.  I will not shoot in rain.  Days where it is snowing lightly can actually be great fun, and provide fantastic images (check out my portfolio for examples, and the blog under categories/winter), but I can’t operate my camera properly if it is too cold, and there are many dogs who have paws sensitive to the snow in certain temperatures.  Those of us that live here know the weather can change suddenly, and we may have to reschedule at the last minute. However, even if it is pouring rain at 4:00, don’t assume you are going to be rescheduled — it can be gorgeous and sunny for your shoot at 6:00.  If you scroll through the blog entries, you will find a wide variety of weather conditions.

Please visit the FAQ section for more information.