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Clipper and Eilin ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

I just LOVE shooting Flatcoats!  Okay, call me biased.  I do get attached to all my clients by the end of the sessions, but Clipper and Eilin belong to my good friend and hunting partner, so when he said he was coming out to Telluride so that I could photograph his dogs, I was very excited!  We had hoped to get some photos the second day in a different location, but the sky had started filling with smoke from the California fires, and I decided the river trail had provided enough variety (along with the hundreds of hunting photos I’ve taken of his dogs over the years).   Meet Clipper (he’s in the back, looking at the river), CH Windfalls Masters Mate MH CDX WCX — and Eilin, Crossraguel Quite Fetching SH WCX.  We had to get the “beauty shots” out of the way ASAP, because both of them, like typical Flatcoats, wanted to head right into the water.  Good thing they both have good obedience backgrounds, since the first shot was ten feet from water.

Although I always insist on a few posed shots, my main focus during sessions is to capture the dog’s personality.  I just let them do what they love to do best, behave naturally, and with any luck, I am able to capture those moments.  With these two maniacs, I did have my work cut out for me though.

Eilin…well, she was a tad crazed about her bumpers.  Some people don’t want toys of any kind in the photos, but Don didn’t care if they had bumpers, since that is what they train with, and it is second nature for them to be holding one.  He might have regretted that just a tiny bit?  Or considering the intensity I caught on camera, maybe not!

I do admit, I laughed REALLY hard when I edited those. Eilin is a fun, intense girl who is usually on the move.  But she can be pretty, too!

Even when she is holding a bumper!

I love shooting dogs in water!  Catching the water swirls in this photograph of Clipper was so fun to see when I uploaded the images.

Telluride got a lot of rain this summer, which meant tons of flowers mid-summer, and literally towers of green through September!  This path was a pretty spot to photograph the dogs, although we did have to put Clipper in a sit/stay, since he kept veering off to the river.  Mind you, he IS the one with an advanced obedience title…or maybe we need to remind him!  Clipper is ten years old though, so he can get away with a bit more.  Hey handsome….

Flaps up and ready for takeoff!  I have learned over the years (with a lot of frustration), that Eilin is very hard to photograph since she has only one speed, and that is warp speed.  I don’t know very many dogs as fast as she is.

Just keep on swimming…..that is Clipper in the back, Eilin in the front.

Clipper returning to dad with his bumper, already hoping for another throw.

Eilin, keeping her eyes on that bumper.  Careful sweetie, if you blink, it might disappear!

Such a fun visit with friends, and one that I hope is repeated!  Ending with happy smiles from both the dogs.  Perhaps a winter session, they ask?

Carolyn Love all of these, but especially the water shots!

Elisa Gorgeous pictures Jen! They are two very stunning dogs.

Krista Kersh These photos are positively fabulous, Jen, and I suppose it doesn’t hurt that Elin and Clipper are beautiful dogs!

Don We had so much fun on our visit and during our session, and as you can see, we were thrilled with the results. You will already see several of these pics and some others hanging in places of honor in our house. It was agonizing deciding which to order in what size. There were so many great shots.

cindy I laughed at the Yoda expression on Eilen! so many interesting shots.

Zoe’s visit to the mountains ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

Zoe is a four year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (or referred to as a Toller by those familiar with the breed), and I was pretty excited when I was contacted by Zoe’s owner about this session!  We don’t have a resident Toller in town,  and although a lot of my clients are from out of town, I’ve never had the opportunity to photograph one.  Unlike other retrievers, the Toller goes about his job in a different way, by playing along the shoreline.  This draws the curiosity of the waterfowl, bringing them closer to shore and within range for the hunter.   They are still relatively uncommon, but if you can deal with their energy level, they are a wonderful medium size with a typical fun-loving retriever personality!  Susan contacted me last spring about a session, but since Zoe had just had a litter, she also had dropped all her coat.  So unfortunately we missed the peak wildflower season, but she still had a blast running through the tall grasses…wet or dry!

This is Zoe’s leap that she does when excited – often it is four off the floor, but in a lot of cases she just pops up with her cute white paws.  
Waiting for instructions from mom – she was a VERY attentive girl and in tune with Susan.

She was stunning in the flowers….

But we had a hard time keeping her out of the water…so the minute I was done with the “dry” shots, she went to the river like a bat out of hell!

She’s a little poser, and got up on this rock by herself.  
Who me, dorky?  Nope!

Tollers have PLENTY of energy.

And a lot of focus.

And a Telluride session isn’t complete without Ajax as a backdrop!

Ending with a shot of Zoe looking wistfully at the river.  What an easy girl to photograph.  Susan, thank you for taking my advice and booking several days during your session in case we had rain…when you are driving 7 hours for a session, you don’t want to get rained out and then not have a place to stay!  Even though we got these photos on the first night, Susan and I became fast friends and had dinner the second night, and she and Zoe enjoyed the town during the rest of their stay.   Susan… it was such a pleasure, and you will have your gallery very soon, I promise!

Diana Martin-Gruenler What fantastic pictures of a beautiful girl! Zoe is so photogenic, and these pictures captured her playful attitude and zest for life perfectly. I know her owner will treasure these pictures-they are amazing!

Nancy Brown Beautiful photos of sweet Zoe in a magnificent setting! As usual, your photos capture the dog at her best! Not sure if my favorite is the close-up of her face/eyes or the shake :) I think Susan will be thrilled

Cathy Lynch Beautiful photos of a very beautiful girl!

Carolyn What a pretty girl! Love the river shots. They are always my favorites. Great session!

Krista Kersh These photos are positively stunning! Pretty girl :-)

Cindy I love your photography! My favorite is the river with the golden sunlight streaming through the green trees and Zoe trotting by the large boulder in the river. I love the up close wide-eyed photo, too

Betty Ohhh what lovely photography and setting for beautiful Zoe! I especially love the water shots where Zoe looks especially happy. Toller energy perfectly portrayed!

Sally and George! ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

Slowly catching up here in paradise!  Telluride has had more rain this summer than I can ever remember, and my sessions have been very different with several feet of grass and flowers covering the river trail.  Typically some ground cover, and about a foot of grass and a few flowers exist.  It has definitely required a bit more planning and posing than I am used to, but it is hard to complain about the lush environment.

Jennifer got her full ordering gallery already, and I thank her for being patient since I left town shortly after her session.   However, the rock stars of this session, Sally and George, still deserve their time on the blog!  Sally is an eight year old Golden, and her buddy is 2 year old George, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Here is a perfect example of what we were dealing with.  A forest of green!

Here is the handsome and photogenic George!

And Sally, the senior in the family at eight years old.   This is one of my favorite photos of her. 
Look at those eyelashes!
She still has plenty of pizazz.  
With George always on her heels.  :)
Another of my favorites, what gorgeous tail feathering.

These two are pretty bonded…even if George would prefer that Sally had more manners.

George sassing off.  He wasn’t as tolerant of the cold river water even though he didn’t want to be left out!

Sally, you are a gorgeous girl.  
George, strutting his stuff!
Thank you so much Jennifer!  You came at the perfect time this summer (and thank goodness there was a day without rain)!   I am thrilled you are happy with your gallery, and expect you to come by with the dogs next time you are in town to say hello.  Or else.  :)  Sally and George bid everyone farewell, as they trot down the river trail together.


Carolyn Great photos Jen. I especially like the last one of George alone in the river and the one of both of them walking away. It is so lush it looks like they are heading into a tunnel in that photo.

Krista Kersh Jen, these are gorgeous! You are so right, Telluride is so lush and green this year which makes these photos even more beautiful. I love Sally’s “glamour” shot in the flowers as well as the parting shot of the two buddies strolling down the road. Well done!

Jeanne Allen She always captures the true elegance of the dogs as well as their spirits for the joy of life.

Carolyn I meant Sally, not George.

Juno and Tug, in Newfie Heaven! ~ (Telluride Dog Photography)

This post has been a long time coming…thanks for your patience Eliza and Ted!  The session itself was a long time coming as well.  We had countless issues with weather, and then when we finally did think it was the perfect day, it was sunny one minute, and dark clouds the next.  Then Juno, of all days, decided she didn’t want to go in the water….which is pretty much where she is at all times!  So we ended up splitting her session and then doing a VERY mini session for Tug.  Phew!  Loads of fun though, as Juno has a fabulous personality and Tug…well who doesn’t love puppies?

Introducing my favorite new model, Juno!

Juno mostly likes to fish.  Or look for fish.  Or just walk around in the water and retrieve sheets of ice if she can’t find fish.  She has never caught a fish, so who knows how she can be so patient for something she doesn’t even know if she likes.

Thank you Juno, for licking the drool off your face.  When a fish can’t be found, a twig will do the trick.  Still looking….Hey Jen, there are no fish!!!Perhaps the sheet of ice is worth retrieving….No asking to pose necessary…the great thing about Juno is that she knows she is a rock star.
AND…..We even got the elusive running Newfie!  :) What a happy girl.Do you think Juno’s mom has cookies???
 Welcome to the world, Tug!  Tug is Juno’s new little brother.  Unfortunately, Tug arrived in Telluride during our off-season, or what is known as “mud season”.  No snow, no grass….just mud.  Everywhere.  I searched and we found one of the first patches of grass to get some baby photos of Tug while he was (relatively) small.  He was like a bear cub!

Tug was only interested in eating anything he could find on the ground, and I was really lucky if he looked up at all.  Kitty noises, squeals, squeakers….no interest.  I have to say, one of the hardest puppies I have ever photographed.  His attention span was about a nanosecond, so when he did look up, there was only about a 50/50 chance I was going to hit the shutter at the right time.   I was out of town for almost a month after this session, and Tug has grown about double the size he was when I took these photos….and has learned the command “drop”, which hopefully will keep him out of trouble.  I have a feeling you might be seeing more of Tug in the future.
Thanks Eliza for the opportunity to photograph your dogs, and your patience with multiple rescheduling!

Carolyn Beautiful as usual. Looking forward to seeing that little bear cub in person.

Carolyn Beautiful as usual. Looking forward to meeting that little bear cub in person.

Don You make photographing black dogs look easy. These are beautiful. Such expressions! It also makes me want to come back for a winter session!

Puppies Rule the Telluride River Trail!

One of the many reasons I have been behind on updating my blog entries is due to my new addition.   Don’t worry, Blue (at ten years old) is still king of the castle, but he has always loved puppies, and I didn’t want him to be too old to be able to enjoy having one around.   Chaos quickly arrived to my household when a 12 week old Welsh Springer came into my life.   They played nonstop — Blue pretending he was submissive and on his back, with Santé attacking him viciously.  Watching TV, making phone calls and any kind of work became very difficult! Thankfully, I quickly found a better way to wear out Santé:   His BFF puppy friend, Zooey!  Zooey is a Portuguese Water Dog and close in age to Santé.  They can spend hours running at top speed through the snow, swimming in the river, and generally having the time of their lives.  We meet up several times a week, always on the river trail.  I took my 50 mm out one afternoon for a session with Zooey, and was only able to shoot for about 20 minutes thanks to Santé slamming into my head right before they arrived.  I am pretty adept at moving out of the way, especially after years of photographing crazy dogs (including Blue), but leave it to my 40 pound spaniel puppy to send me to get an MRI later that week.  Thankfully the unrelenting pain didn’t set in for a bit, so I was able to get a few fun images before heading home.

Here is Santé at 7 months, just before he nearly knocked me out (at least he didn’t break my camera).

Introducing Zooey!  She proved to be a most difficult subject, since her eyes barely show under her coat.  Next time around, we will need a grooming session!


Santé is never very far when Zooey is around!

Oh, enough with the mellow posing.  Let the craziness begin!

You can see who is in charge here…even though Santé has the ball for the moment.  

Puppies do have to rest for a FEW minutes.     

Time for the river!  Santé is funny and always seems hesitant to go in, but once he is wet, there is no stopping him!   In this case though, that ball seemed a bit too far, and Zooey found an easier way to get it.  :) Smart girl!

Oops!  Don’t take your eye off the ball Zooey!


Some more posing.  Not always classically beautiful with Santé’s floppy ears, and Zooey looking like a drowned rat!

And just to prove Blue is still very much in the picture, he was allowed to join in on the fun for a few shots.  Playing keep away and tug with sticks is always a favorite game!

I’ll be posting more on Santé and his arrival in the future, but I really wanted to get these photos of Zooey on the blog sooner rather than later.   I think she and Santé are friends for life.

Carolyn These are all fabulous Jen. Love them!